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Opportunities to Delight

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Understanding brand satisfaction 

People don't tend to tweet when tap water is clear or when their toilet flushes.

So how do you effectively measure and understand how to increase brand satisfaction, when your brand is only thought about when things go wrong?

This was Northumbrian Water Groups (NWG) original objective when they first started working with Wordnerds.



Unknown tweets and vertical vistas

It was crucial to find unknown tweets (those conversations not tagging @nwater_care or @northumbrianH20), as well as tagged mentions and all other Water and Sewerage Companies (WASC) and Water-only companies.

This gave NWG:

  • A clearer understanding of key issues and complaints which mattered most to customers
  • A benchmark to compare how they performed in these areas to other water companies
  • Informed strategic decision making - extracting key learnings from what worked, didn't work and how others dealt with problems
  • A roadmap to anticipate disruptions with a view of issues others have faced
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Wordnerds' platform also provides NWG with an objective way to analyse open-ended responses from a range of customer surveys including Cmex and Dmex. What in the-mex? Read more here.

This provides them with an efficient way to analyse qualitative data, free of human bias and saving heaps of time.



Just one of many key insights was the lag time between identification of reported leaks and the water company fixing leaks, a key annoyance for customers but also a money drain for NWG. 

Key ROI - NWG’s social media team were able to respond to customers quicker, with 88% of responses liked or responded to with gratitude. 

Key ROI - NWG social engagement rate rose to 9%, seven times the industry average and 40 times the company’s previous rate. 

Since then we’ve also assisted NWG in competitor benchmarking, staying ahead of the game in terms of sentiment and predicting their win of ‘water company of the year’.

We also supported them at their renowned Innovation Festival 2020, facilitating sessions that uncovered strong campaign ideas which have been taken forward for development. We also started a water fight! 

We are now providing ‘golden sentiment score’ reports for the team, combining all of the survey and social data into one master picture to aid strategic decisions. 


“We absolutely love working with the Wordnerds team... From giving us the ability to jump into conversations that customers have behind our backs (much to their surprise), to instigating and backing up process change, to making smarter decisions and seeing new insight from existing data..."

Stef Chester - Customer Engagement Manager


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