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Get the Board's attention

And turn gloriously qualitative into the usefully quantitative.


😫 Sick of grappling with data to find the answers that senior managers are asking for?

😤 Incessant manual tagging and guessing at the keywords people use the bane of your life?

😎 Wish you could be more proactive with your analysis chops and demonstrate your true insight prowess?


Then you're gonna need more than traditional NPS/CSAT, social listening and sentiment tools can offer...


For data-backed brilliance that helps you find the answers that senior managers are asking for, you need an accurate and robust layered view of social, customer, product, and employee data.


With a made-to-measure text analysis solution...



Shoulder threats better and quicker


Catch untapped opportunities to surprise and delight


Instigate process change based on real insight (not word clouds)


Spot emerging trends on what's hot and what's cancelled


Find gold in customer and employee opinion


Measure brand health and see how your compare to the competition

Words are glorious. Treat them right.

To find the answers you’re looking for and unlock the true voice of the customer, you need to know what they're actually saying.

Wordnerds' love words.

Not just a tally of the most used words which fit into an angry or happy box.

Other solutions treat words like numbers, so their AI isn’t as accurate as your data (and time) deserves.

So if you care about insights, you need to care about words - Because context is everything! 

After all, you're only one '😂' from amazing or laughable customer service. 

Text analysis built for real-life

With a linguistics-first approach to the latest AI/NLP techniques, Wordnerds SaaS text analysis platform genuinely understands language… in all its missplt, sarcastic, colloquial glory.

NLP that fits you

Which is so easy to use, even an eight-year-old can use it.

  • See the issues impacting sentiment or being talked about most - and trend how it’s changing

  • Group and analyse your data by the subjects you care about. By keyword or/and by context. Plus - unlimited themes per user and no need to request changes

  • Completely unsupervised text clustering (unknown unknowns), that tells you what people are talking about - right out of the box

  • Ditch the crystal ball with no more endless keyword hypothesising - Search and discover the conversations you care about, without having to second guess the keywords customers might be using


If you're a retail leader, you NEED to see this before your competitors do.

In this recorded session Wordnerds uses the latest AI and linguistic capabilities to show how brands can use social, customer and employee data and established media to deliver real-time, actionable insight to chart progress against strategic objectives and then improve it, using the top UK supermarkets as a test case.

Wordnerds x SI Labs webinar - B2C Corporate Strategy

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