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Are you looking for new ways to attract customers? Need an early warning system for issues with your product or service? Do you want to know what people think about something?

You need haystack.

Our social listening software uses AI and linguistics to scan the vast and nebulous social media landscape and find things that are useful to you.

  • Find leads and approach them directly
  • Build Twitter lists of people with a shared interest
  • Use social as an early warning system for problems
  • Turn the internet into a focus group
  • Whatever data you’re looking for, find a needle in a haystack

haystack overview

How can you benefit from next generation social listening?

Get to leads first

If you’re tired of spending fortunes on pay-per-click, leave that to your competitors. Use a new marketing channel with less competition.

Understand Nuance

People are sarcastic, bad at spelling, unpredictable and, frankly, weird. Traditional keyword matching can’t compete with haystack.

Harness Open Data

haystack works with any open data platform from Twitter to website forums. If humans can access it, we can understand it.

Advertise Safely

In a post-GDPR world build a targeted list of interested people you can advertise to non-invasively and within the law.

Manage Reputation

Sure, you reply to people that @ you in, but what about those talking behind your back or who don’t know you can help?

Spot Trends

Categorisation of different needs, problems or themes allows you to spot trends, both geographically and over time.

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