“Up until Wordnerds, we had a good understanding of what the problems were. However we needed the voice of the customer to bring them to life and make them visible to key stakeholders. Using Wordnerds helps us to build a story from our data and important messages on how a customer felt. This triggered continuous improvement opportunities on invoices, contracts, operational service and more. Being able to track the key themes over time helps us assess the positive (or negative) impact of change from a customer perspective.”

- Ryan Davies, Head of CX at PHS Group


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Do your "Voice of" tools give your data a voice?

Quant reporting only provides a narrative on what’s happening, not why.

Facilities and resource management firms serve crucial and complex needs for massive organisations across the UK and beyond, in a diverse range of industries, with strict regulation covering your activities. Ensuring you keep informed of every change in your customer relationships and ensure their continued happiness and loyalty is impossible without the right tools.

  • Existing tools specialise in data capture and quant visualisation — but do a poor job of accurately analysing text data that you can action

  • Using multiple different tools across the organisation can end up isolating different channels, leaving no objective way of measuring all your text data at once

Do you have sight of all the trends and detail you need to turn insight into action?

Having a platform designed to understand what customers are saying and unite your organisation’s text data will prevent churn by truly giving them a voice.

See what you're missing in your data with Wordnerds dedicated text analytics.

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Screen grabs of Wordnerds text analysis platform including CSV uploads, topic breakdown, reports and the reporting dashboard
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Facilities management firms use Wordnerds to:

  • Provide evidence for strategic issue prioritisation
  • Keep on top of employee satisfaction trends
  • Quickly identify specific problems with actionable solutions
  • Unite customer channels - survey, NPS, webchat, reviews, social, forums, emails, CRM notes…