Are you using the right data and tools to inform recruitment strategies?

When investing your team's time and resources into planning, developing and implementing campaigns to:

  • drive engagement, enquiries, open day attendance, and applications (particularly those from underrepresented groups or international students)
  • ensure your brand is front-of-mind with different audiences
  • deliver results in line with operational and project budgets

...ultimately to achieve recruitment and access targets.

How do you ensure they pay off?

Well, it’s not straightforward. Because if we could make these guarantees, our lives would be much easier. (And we wouldn’t have written this blog post: Five Reasons Why Higher Education is the Toughest Job in Marketing.)

Applicants are paying more and more attention to review sites and forums as they make their decisions on where to apply. 
If your public reviews aren't as positive as other universities - why, and what can you do to improve this?


Build the experiences that students actually want

Improve service offerings and create recruitment campaigns that resonate with prospective students based on what they need and care about. 

The Wordnerds platform is designed to read and understand what existing students are saying in reviews, complaints data, and forums.

Saving your team hours in manual analysis and data tagging. 

See what you're missing in your data with Wordnerds dedicated text analytics and surface the evidence you need to inform change. 

Book a call to discuss how Wordnerds can help you unlock the insight you need to build a case for change. 

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Screen grabs of Wordnerds text analysis platform including CSV uploads, topic breakdown, reports and the reporting dashboard