Get to the root cause of your travellers' problems

Take the right action when it matters most

No one starts their day hoping for problems. They happen, and you know that passengers will let you know how they are impacted. The challenge is, passengers don't always complain in plain sight, or in the same way.

So even if you're brilliant at collecting data, are you able to unpack that feedback to understand what passengers are actually asking to improve about their journeys?

AI-based text analysis is not enough

  • Existing tools specialise in data capture and quant visualisation — but do a poor job of accurately reading and analysing text data
  • Using multiple different tools across the organisation isolates different channels, leaving no objective way to measure all your text data at once
  • And let's not forget what a massive time sap manual analysis can be. Plus, those findings can end up sketchy...

Get all your data in one place and turn up every important topic without wading in up to your eyeballs.