“We receive tens of thousands of customer comments every week and we don’t want to miss a thing. The topics we have set up with Wordnerds give us the granularity we need to provide relevant and actionable insight to the business from all of these comments with minimal effort.”

- Amelia Burnett, Senior Insight Manager at Sainsbury's



Do your Voice of Customer tools give your customers a voice?

Quant reporting only provides a narrative on what’s happening, not why.

Supermarkets serve the widest demographic of customers in the UK, across multiple channels, thousands of products and categories, for customers with very different and personal needs.

Isolating or surfacing the information that allows you to craft valuable services and enhance the customer offer is impossible without the right tools.

  • Existing tools specialise in data capture and quant visualisation. But do a poor job of accurately analysing text data that you can action - 

  • Using multiple different tools across the organisation can end up isolating different channels, leaving no objective way of measuring all your text data at once. But don't just take our word for it...

Do you have sight of all the trends and detail you need to turn insight into action?

Having a platform designed to understand what customers are saying and unite your organisation’s text data will ensure your VOC programme actually gives them a voice.

See what you're missing in your data with Wordnerds dedicated text analytics.

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Screen grabs of Wordnerds text analysis platform including CSV uploads, topic breakdown, reports and the reporting dashboard