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Sector-specific Deep Dive Reports

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Taken from open data from sources like Twitter and online forums. Analysed for the benefit of data nerds.

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Wordnerds Supermarket Sustainability Report preview png


Wordnerds Supermarket Sustainability Report - click to read

Supermarket Sustainability

Discover the latest eco-conscious consumer trends (and expectations) in UK supermarkets

Analysing over 750K tweets, we've created this comprehensive picture of customer perceptions of supermarket performance of packaging and plastics, food and material waste and plant-based alternatives. 

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Wordnerds Housing Insight Report

Housing in 2022

What matters to tenants and how can Housing Associations make it happen?

In honour of Housing 22, we've launched our latest insight report examining the key issues that the housing sector is facing, based on the way that tenants talk about it online.

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UK Rail Performance Third Level Insights Report from Wordnerds

UK Rail Performance

We know you know delays aren't popular...

Get insight into the most popular things to do when there is a delay, how some TOCs turn a negative situation into a positive outcome, and how you compare to the market as a whole. 

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UK Rail Accessibility Third Level Insights Report from Wordnerds

UK Rail Accessibility

How do UK TOCs score on accessibility?

By listening to passengers on an industrial scale and using our artificial intelligence to read hundreds of thousands of social media posts, we've conducted a deep dive into rail passenger sentiment on accessibility. 

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Wordnerds UK Energy Brands CX insights report

CX during COVID-19

How did the UK's 'Big Six' energy suppliers perform?

Using our game-changing text analysis software, we've analysed over 13K tweets said to or about the top six UK energy companies over 30 days, to uncover:

  • Which supplier outshone the rest during COVID-19
  • Who has the happiest customers?
  • What issues are affecting one supplier disproportionately?
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Wordnerds UK Energy CX Insights report

UK Energy Social CX Insight Report

Part 2: A Summary Twitter Study Using Deep Learning, NLP and Linguistics

We analysed over 70K tweets mentioning the top UK energy companies to uncover:

  • Which supplier outshone the rest
  • What problems impacted brand sentiment most
  • What issues affected one supplier disproportionately

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Water - Insights listing images

UK Water Companies' Customer Experience

Wordnerds State of the Nation Summary Report

We analysed over 50,000 tweets mentioning 15 of the most talked-about water companies on Twitter, to uncover:

  • What issues caused the most damage to customer sentiment 
  • What services do customers care most about 
  • What quick wins can improve the customer experience

Grab a cuppa, and download the report to see what matters most to customers, and what they're really saying about their providers.


Research using Wordnerds

NIHR COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy study using Wordnerds

National Institute for Health Research Innovation Observatory (NIHR)

Analysing Twitter to Identify Barriers to Vaccination in a Low Uptake Region of the UK

NIHR used our software for a study analysing public Twitter sentiment on the barriers to COVID vaccines. Published 24 January 2022.

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NIHR COVID-19 Mental Health Insights during the COVID-19 pandemic study using Wordnerds

National Institute for Health Research Innovation Observatory (NIHR)

Exploring Mental Health Insights From UK Tweets During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NIHR used our software in an Infodemiology study analysing UK tweets relating to mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Published 31 March 2022.

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Understanding Money Lending Online in Wales - Insight report by Wordnerds for Vale of Glamorgan Council

Vale of Glamorgan Council

A study by Wordnerds, commissioned by The Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit (WIMLU) to understand the landscape of money lending online in Wales

The findings revealed how Welsh citizens are using Reddit to look for loans from other users to make ends meet.

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The Consumer Council

A study by Wordnerds, commissioned by The Consumer Council to gain an understanding of the landscape of money lending online.

The findings reveal a worldwide, fully developed money-lending community, with many loans being requested from Northern Ireland.

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