At Wordnerds, we take large, unmanageable datasets of unstructured text, and turn them into actionable insights. One of the areas we do this in is product reviews – taking tens of thousands of posts on retail sites, and telling our clients, at a glance, what people liked, what they didn’t like, and what they need to change to improve their star rating.

We also have a massive sweet tooth.

So when we had a spare minute, it seemed obvious that we would look into our favourite chocolates. We filtered down the comments on Peanut M&Ms and Maltesers, and pulled out some insights into what people really think about these chocolatey treats.

The question is – which of these terms did people commonly say about Maltesers, and which did people say about M&Ms?

Try our quiz and see if you can tell the difference.

Take the quiz

As you play, check out the different types of comment that are there. Even in something as simple as chocolate, people are giving their unbiased opinion on all aspects, including:

  • Why people are buying them
  • Who people are buying them for
  • When people are eating them
  • What people enjoy about them
  • Issues with supply chain

Think of what you might be able to achieve if your product is more complicated that chocolate.

Sweeet dreams!