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Sentences Processed
Support Licences
Support Level
Business Intelligence Tool Integration
Proof of Concepts, single projects and sporadic needs Best for...
10,000 Sentences Processed
N/A Seats
N/A Support Licences
Standard Support Level
Business Intelligence Tool Integration
Regular analysis of social & survey, early VoC programmes Best for...
10,000/m Sentences Processed
5 Seats
2 Support Licences
Standard Support Level
Business Intelligence Tool Integration
Multiple text channels and growing feedback: established VoC Best for...
50,000/m Sentences Processed
15 Seats
5 Support Licences
Premium Support Level
Business Intelligence Tool Integration
Best-in-class omni-channel text analytics programmes Best for...
250,000/m Sentences Processed
Unlimited Seats
15 Support Licences
Premium Support Level
Business Intelligence Tool Integration

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"Wordnerds gives us really rich up to date real-time user insight... we know that the data can completely reform the service, and that to me is the most exciting thing that we're ever going to achieve."

Fay Cooper
Deputy Director, Head of Product, DWP Digital

"Since the start of the pandemic, Wordnerds’ software has allowed us to track COVID trends on our network and across the country. Their team have been great in supporting us by setting up themes to monitor key trends relating to the virus and train-travel in general…It has been really interesting to see how customer behaviour has changed throughout the pandemic and Wordnerds have helped us see this easily."

Louis Helm
Customer Engagement Manager, Transpennine Express

"Working with Wordnerds has really strengthened our ability to highlight and act on what our customers are telling us. We have used the tool to really hit home the impact issues have but more important using it to highlight what actions we can take to improve our customer experience."

Mike Davies
Customer Experience and Innovation Manager, Transport for Wales

"We receive tens of thousands of customer comments every week and we don’t want to miss a thing. The topics we have set up with Wordnerds give us the granularity we need to provide relevant and actionable insight to the business from all of these comments with minimal effort.

As well as this, not only can we quantify ongoing topics but we can identify other topics coming through from customers that we would otherwise not know about – this is invaluable! These are a few of the key reasons why we moved our text solution over to Wordnerds having had frustrations with some of our historical suppliers where themes were much too broad resulting in vague insight and a lot of time spent digging into what customers were actually saying."

Senior Insights Manager, Leading UK Supermarket


Are our prices flexible? Absolutely!

Need more seats or support licences?

Great! We offer unlimited seats to Growth and Enterprise customers, and want you to get as much value and as many users on the platform as possible. 

One-off, Pay as you Nerd customers, or those running proof of concepts, tend to be less interested in self-serving until we drive results.

Nevertheless we're always happy to involve your team closely in what we're doing so that they can see for themselves how easy Wordnerds is to use and to truly try before you buy.

If you're a Starter Customer and need more users, speak to us. We'll do everything we can to accommodate you.

If you’d like more training and support licenses, that's doable too: prices start from £100 per user/m.

Need more data?

No problem. We work with clients processing anything from a few thousand to millions of sentences per year. Speak to us for prices on increasing your data allowance.

We know working out how many sentences you own as an organisation is like guessing how many marbles are in the cookie jar…

If you’d like help understanding how much data you need, get in touch, and one of our Data Analysts will be more than happy to help.

Don't have time to self serve?

Wordnerds offers a Managed Service upgrade for teams without the capacity to train themes, analyse data and build reports themselves.

Managed Service packages start from around £950/m in addition to your licence fee and can handle anything from just a single part of the process to the whole shebang, soup to nuts. 

We can also turn it on and off for a set period of time to cover staff absences your end if that's helpful.

Come and talk to us about Software-AND-a-Service!

Difference between Standard and Premium support?

We offer two core support levels: Standard and Premium. 

For Pay-as-you-Nerd and Starter packages, Standard support is geared towards speed, efficiency and keeping your costs as low as possible while you prove value with our software.

Standard Support

With Standard Support you can choose whether Onboarding is remote via video tutorials in our Knowledge Hub or live, human-to-human at one of our regular online Onboarding Masterclasses.

Ongoing support is delivered through our email and webchat ticketing system (response times are typically a few hours and no more than 24 hours, Monday-Friday), Knowledge Hub guides, videos and resources.

Premium Support

For Growth and Enterprise customers, Premium support offers all of the online resources available in the Standard Package, plus weekly bookable office hours with a Wordnerds Customer Success Manager (CSM).

As a platform expert, you can contact your dedicated CSM any time with support questions, or save them up for the monthly check-in with your superusers.

Want to export data from your existing tools?

We’ve got a brilliant team just waiting to grapple, scrape, or tease your data from your existing in-house tools (social media, live chat, review platforms, CRM or survey platforms) into one place.

Amplify your existing tech stack with text analysis that genuinely tells you what your customers are talking about.

Want to push data to your own reporting or BI dashboards?

Wordnerds can integrate with major BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Micro Strategies and Google Data Studio. For customers on PAYN and Starter tiers, integrations start at £500 and £350/m respectively.

We offer a dedicated data-lake at customer level through Amazon Redshift so you automatically sync with the latest processed data on the Wordnerds platform and even pass tagged data back to your front line tools.

We know most of you need another platform to log into like you need a hole in your head and are dedicated to letting you manage insights in your own way.

Looking for a discount?

Course you are, you scamp!

We offer 5% discounts on 12-month up-front payments and an additional 5% for 24-month plans.

Otherwise, only the most heartless amongst you would try to screw us on price. We're just a plucky start-up, you know, with linguists to feed* and everything. 

(Our CSO, Steve, is a linguist. He's also 6ft 12. OMG have you any idea how much that man can eat?)

Got a project idea and can’t find the answer above?

We’re here for you! As Linguists and Data Scientists, we’re always looking for excellent applications for Text Analytics. If you’ve got a project, an idea you’d like to share or a question about any element of what we do or how it all works, we’d love to hear it!

Give us a call, and we’ll help you get started with Wordnerds: the world's second best text analytics platform.

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