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How do UK TOCs score on accessibility issues?

A new kind of insight report.

By listening to passengers on an industrial scale and using our artificial intelligence to read hundreds of thousands of social media posts, we're conducting a deep dive into rail passenger sentiment on accessibility.

It won't just tell you what’s going on in the rail sector. It tells you why.

Going beyond brand perception, it will also tell you what is unique and different about each TOC, in comparison to the rest of the market. 

Launching in October, this is the first report in our series of sectorial deep dives on rail. 

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The report will include:

  • A UK TOC accessibility league table 
  • Predictions for the next month
  • An overview of each organisation's performance on accessibility
  • Deep dive into rail accessibility and how it's developed over the past six months
  • Plus recommendations on what should be done in this area