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Supermarket Sustainability: Customer Perception Report

Uncover what customers are really saying about supermarket sustainability
and the topics driving customer buying decisions.

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Supermarket Sustainability Report cover - Jan 22

More than 750,000 tweets aimed at the UK's largest supermarkets have been analysed using our text analysis platform to form a comprehensive picture of customer conversations regarding sustainability over the last six months.

This report focuses on customer perceptions of
  • packaging and plastics
  • food and material waste
  • and the growing plant-based movement.

The findings will help CX and insight teams at large retailers identify which issues are most important to consumers. Presenting retailers with an objective way to prioritise - removing the guesswork from their sustainability strategy.

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What we found

Here's a sneak peek at some of the findings from the report

Wordnerds eco-warrior graphic drawn


Tops the chart in sustainability sentiment.

Wordnerds angry customer writing an online review doodle drawn


Scored the lowest is sustainability sentiment 

Wordnerds doodle - female character holding a puppy


Had the most polarising sustainability conversations

Co-op garnered the most positive overall sentiment relating to sustainability topics, while Tesco (with by far the highest volumes) lagged behind. M&S really got customers riled up on both sides of the aisle, with the highest proportions of very positive and very negative comments.

2022 Veganuary Leaderboard

The supermarket edition

UK Supermarkets Veganuary leaderboard 2022
  • Co-op led the pack on positive brand sentiment around Veganuary-related conversations
    • “Fishless fillet” accounted for almost a fifth of all posts
  • Aldi’s “no chicken” received twice as much chatter as the fillet, and boasted high average sentiment - 21.3% of all Aldi conversations in the month and average sentiment of 59
  • M&S conversations around vegan diets tripled Dec-Jan, and average sentiment improved by 12 points. Solid effort.

Sustainability Customer Closeness Metrics

This visualisation illustrates how closely customers relate to and feel in personal control of issues of sustainability, based on a linguistic analysis of their comments.


Wordnerds Sustainability Customer Closeness Metrics

Issues such as carrier bags, veggie/vegan diets, and cardboard packaging are issues they relate closely to, while responsible product sourcing and veganuary are seen as issues more closely related to brands

This provides an opportunity for either an education piece on issues customers do not relate to on a personal level (lower portion of graph), or greater communication around issues they care most about but are unhappy with (top-left quadrant)

You can view the full UK Sustainability Customer Perception report here.

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