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Wordnerds Reporting Data Masterclass Webinar

Data Reporting Masterclass

How to report on the public's opinion of your strategic goals

Wordnerds has delivered hundreds of reports to our customers, showcasing key insights of what their stakeholders feel and why.

In this webinar, we share what we’ve learned about reporting on data to a large organization. 

You will learn:

  • How to present data in a way that will speak to the big kahunas in your organization
  • A methodology for generating and monitoring customer opinion at scale 
  • How to show off text in a quantitative report with the super-patented QualQuant Quadrant (we’ll probably change the name)

None of this requires the Wordnerds platform to achieve - we’re just sharing what we’ve learned. 


A gift for attendees 

Put into practice everything you learn

For those who register for the webinar, we'll send you a tried and tested report template for you to brand up, pop in your data and take all the glory. 



Hosted by Scotland's tallest linguist*

Wordnerds CSO Steve Erdal

FAQs - answered

  • Yes - the webinar will be recorded and sent out if you can't make it on the day
  • Yes - the report template will be available after the webinar 
  • Yes, Steve does sing The Proclaimers all of the time (not on webinars though).

*that we know of
Steve Erdal, Wordnerds CSO