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A SaaS platform for big brands who have tried "social listening" and actually want to know what their customers think.


True voice of customer, not just social listening.


Find problems quicker | Wordnerds

Find problems quicker

What do your customers really think about your product or service?

Find topics and trends that matter to your business | Wordnerds

Topics and trends

What are your customers talking about? How is it changing?

Next generation sentiment | Wordnerds

Next generation sentiment

How do customers actually feel about the stuff that's important to you?


Other software shows you what's happening. Wordnerds tell you why.


Real-time CX overview | Wordnerds

Real-time CX overview

What are your customers talking about right now?

Issue detection | Wordnerds

Issue detection

Know when customer contact increases and sentiment drops.

Brand perception | Wordnerds

Brand perception

Understand all the things you're known for, good and bad.

Trends over time and space | Wordnerds

Trends over time and space

How are attitudes to your product or service changing, and why?

Competitor Bench-marking | Wordnerds

Competitor bench-marking

How are you doing relative to other brands in your space?

Review management and analysis | Wordnerds

Review management and analysis

 Inform product development and CX design.

Build a case for action | Wordnerds

Build a case for action

What do the numbers say you should fix first?

See our software in action

Our game-changing SaaS platform combines deep learning, NLP and linguistics to genuinely understand what people actually mean, not just count the words they use.

Topic analysis dashboard | Wordnerds

Case study: Tommee Tippee uncover nuanced feedback in amongst thousands of online reviews

Tommee Tippee text analysis client story | Wordnerds

New mums and dads love Tommee Tippee’s range of babycare products and Perfect Prep is one of their flagships. Despite the almost uniformly positive 4.6-star reviews, Wordnerds identified a problem with safety features waking babies during night feeds, a problem they have now designed out...


We help brands uncover and understand the true voice of their customers.

A different approach

Deep language understanding - a linguistics-led approach that genuinely understands the context of words
Safe and ethical - we use open and owned data securely, responsibly and in line with GDPR laws
AI-as-a-Service - train your own AI model to find the data you care about without any data science chops

A different approach to text analysis | Wordnerds

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