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Text analytics for stretched insight teams

Explore any issue in any text data set… and put a number on it within a few hours (even if you didn’t know you were looking for it!)

💡 3rd Level Insight that’s actually actionable

 ⌛ Train your own AI-assisted themes, create a new category for anything in around 15 minutes 

🌱 Surface surprises in your data with our fully automated topics

Data-led customer intelligence
Wordnerds will be at MRMW June 2022

Accurate and flexible text analysis that won’t drain your team’s time or resources

Topic breakdown Wordnerds text analysis software - discover unknown unknowns


Surface Unknown Unknowns

Discover what is unique, interesting, changing or emerging

Search and discover the conversations you care about, without having to second guess the keywords your customers might be using.

See what people are talking about right out of the box with AI-generated and fully unsupervised topics.

Removing bias or any influence from supervised clusters built by data scientists.



Flexible Text Analysis

Don’t settle for AI that isn’t made for you

Train your own smart context themes in 15 minutes.

Group and analyse your data by the subjects you care about irrespective of the vocabulary used.

Priorities suddenly changed? At the click of a few buttons, rejig your searches to reflect what you need to know, when you need to know it.

To see your data in the platform on a bespoke demo, book a call with one of our insight analsyts. 



Wordnerds flexible text analysis - AI built for the user
Wordnerds graphic illustration - build a case for action


For data-backed evidence (and brilliance) 

Confidently lead teams in understanding their priorities when things are constantly changing with:

Unlimited seats*
Unlimited data channels*
Unlimited themes*
Plus easy on-ramp for Proof of Concept with Pay-as-you-Nerd

All the while, supported by one of our incredibly lovely and talented Customer Success Managers.

*Available on Growth or Enterprise packages.

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With Wordnerds:

Wordnerds graphic icon of eco-warrior - your customers love the plant

Genuinely understand what your customers are telling you

Wordnerds Graphic illustration of a customer upset and channeling the angry about the experience across social media and the internet

Put a number on any problem within a couple of hours

Wordnerds graphic illustration showing a woman (let's call her Angela) holding her dog. They both love each other but they also have other loves

Present stories from data that people can get behind

Wordnerds graphic illustration of three people declaring their love for yellow - bringing your customers voices together

Place reliable data between the human and the action

"Working with Wordnerds has really strengthened our ability to highlight and act on what our customers are telling us. We have used the tool to really hit home the impact issues have but more important using it to highlight what actions we can take to improve our customer experience."

Senior Insights Manager, Leading UK Supermarket (who we'd love to mention by name but we can't)



Brands using Wordnerds in their best in class Voice of Customer Programmes

Analysing thousands of data points, from super-short SMS responses to longer free-text survey fields and emails.




3 Steps to Best in Class VoC with Wordnerds co-founders

Whether you're just starting out or ramping up your Voice of Customer Programme, to save you from reinventing the wheel, we've packaged up the best practices in this 30-minute three-step framework webinar.


Watch more Wordnerds webinars or take a look at our insightful insight reports.



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