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Meaningful insights for the best customer experience

Wordnerds helps brands make better strategic decisions with an objective, accurate and actionable understanding of what customers are *really* saying.


Data-led customer intelligence

Word clouds suck


What seems like a great source of information can cause a company to do many bad things.

Traditional NPS/CSAT, social listening and sentiment analysis tools do a great job with quan data but have never been good at understanding text. Word clouds are meaningless and their abstract sentiment scores are unactionable.

As a result, brands have had no way of understanding what customers really think.

Wordnerds is different.

Game-changing combination of advanced linguistics and machine learning

Our linguistics-first approach to the latest AI/NLP techniques, produces a SaaS platform that genuinely understands language... in all its misspelt, sarcastic, colloquial glory. Grouping topics by what customers are talking about, irrespective of the vocabulary they use.  

Find customer problems quicker

Real-time insights. However big the dataset

Process hundreds of thousands of data points from social, NPS, CSAT survey, reviews, emails, web chat and other customer data in a matter of minutes.

Find the topics and trends your customers are talking about

What issues are your customers raising?

See the issues that are impacting sentiment or being talked about most. Our unsupervised AI tells you what people are talking about - right out of the box.

Next generation sentiment

What do you want to know about?

Find what’s important to you by training your own AI theme to find people talking about a specific topic, without having to guess the words people use.

Trend changes and shifts in customer behavior

Understand how trends can impact your CX

Spot and track market trends or shifts in consumer behaviour. Measure and monitor changes over time, using data to develop strategies to help you react.

We do this already for some of the biggest brands in the world

Analysing thousands of data points, from super-short SMS responses to longer free text fields and social media posts.



Customers use Wordnerds for

Real-time CX Insights

Real Time Monitoring 

What are customers or the market talking about right now? 

See the issues that are impacting sentiment or being talked about more. 

Building a case for action | Wordnerds

Single Voice of Customer

Aggregate all your customer channels to monitor feedback in one place. 

Get ahead on emerging issues to find customers having problems
before it's too late.

Market Research with Wordnerds

Market Research

What people are saying about the topics that matter to you - how they are changing?

Understand all the things you're known for, good and bad, how it’s changing - and how it compares to competitors.

Competitor insights and benchmarking | Wordnerds

Gap Analysis & Competitor Benchmarking

How are you doing relative to the other brands in your space?

Spot threats, opportunities to delight or identify areas to improve. 

Voice of employee | Wordnerds

Voice of Employee

Build an amazing place to work and improve employee satisfaction

Use insights from free-text comments to make informed decisions and predict attainment through e-learning programmes.

Discover the stories behind the data with Wordnerds

Discover the real stories behind the data


SI Labs Invite-Only Webinar Recording

B2C Corporate Strategy: How You're Actually Doing

If you're responsible for planning, tracking or delivering strategic objectives for a large B2C organisation, this session is essential viewing for you...


Customer story

Tommee Tippee uncover nuanced feedback in amongst thousands of online reviews

Tommee Tippee text analysis client story | Wordnerds

New mums and dads love Tommee Tippee’s range of babycare products and Perfect Prep is one of their flagships. Despite the almost uniformly positive 4.6-star reviews, Wordnerds identified a problem with safety features waking babies during night feeds, a problem they have now designed out...


A different approach

Deep language understanding - a linguistics-led approach that genuinely understands the context of words
Safe and ethical - we use open and owned data securely, responsibly and in line with GDPR laws
AI-as-a-Service - train your own AI model to find the data you care about without any data science chops

A different approach to text analysis | Wordnerds


If you’re not acting on what your customers
say about you, speak to Wordnerds.


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