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Word clouds suck

Abstract sentiment scores are meaningless. Social listening software is great for measuring impact but it won’t tell you what people say.

Wordnerds is different.


Market Leading Sentiment Analysis Dashboard | Wordnerds

True voice of customer

Our linguistics-first approach to the latest AI/NLP techniques, produces a SaaS platform that genuinely understands language... in all its misspelt, sarcastic, colloquial glory.

Find customer problems quicker

Find problems quicker

What do your customers really think about your product or service?

Find the topics and trends your customers are talking about

Topics and trends

What are your customers talking about? How is it changing?

Next generation sentiment

Next generation sentiment

How do customers actually feel about the stuff that's important to you?


Other software shows you what's happening. Wordnerds tell you why.


Real-time CX overview | Wordnerds

Real-time CX overview

What are your customers talking about right now?

Issue detection | Wordnerds

Issue detection

Know when customer contact increases and sentiment drops.

Brand perception with Wordnerds sentiment analysis

Brand perception

Understand all the things you're known for, good and bad.

Trends over time and space | Wordnerds

Trends over time and space

How are attitudes to your product or service changing, and why?

Competitor Bench-marking with Wordnerds sentiment analysis

Competitor bench-marking

How are you doing relative to other brands in your space?

Review management and analysis | Wordnerds

Review management and analysis

 Inform product development and CX design.

Build a case for action | Wordnerds

Build a case for action

What do the numbers say you should fix first?

See our software in action

Our game-changing SaaS platform combines deep learning, NLP and linguistics to genuinely understand what people actually mean, not just count the words they use.


Case study: Tommee Tippee uncover nuanced feedback in amongst thousands of online reviews

Tommee Tippee text analysis client story | Wordnerds

New mums and dads love Tommee Tippee’s range of babycare products and Perfect Prep is one of their flagships. Despite the almost uniformly positive 4.6-star reviews, Wordnerds identified a problem with safety features waking babies during night feeds, a problem they have now designed out...


We help brands uncover and understand the true voice of their customers.

A different approach

Deep language understanding - a linguistics-led approach that genuinely understands the context of words
Safe and ethical - we use open and owned data securely, responsibly and in line with GDPR laws
AI-as-a-Service - train your own AI model to find the data you care about without any data science chops

A different approach to text analysis | Wordnerds

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