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Find insights to improve your customer experience at scale

Combine AI with human expertise to efficiently scale your teams insight generation with confidence.

CX teams use Wordnerds' to find emerging issues, build categories for what they want to listen for, and conduct analysis that's infinitely customisable to your business.

Ambitious CX teams love Wordnerds:

Our edge: We combine human intuition + AI in a flexible platform that allows you to find the root cause of issues fast.

All AI tools offer sentiment analysis, pre-made categories, and volume tracking. But typically they're incredibly rigid, un-customisable and can't do root cause analysis well.

Which is exactly how we are different.

At Wordnerds, we pride ourselves on being infinitely customisable to your needs. You can get as many layers deep as you need training your own themes or by viewing emerging topics our AI has found.

Wordnerds robot consuming data

Train AI fast to dive deep into topics and surface insights you care about

AI alone isn't enough. With Wordnerds you can:


See what is emerging organically in the data, and conduct root cause analyses to reach the verbatim

insights sack

Dispense with the AI black box, and create custom models for topics you care about


Ensure that the output is what you want to see, rather than something that's been determined for you

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We connect all your text sources and analyse them side by side, consistently

Wordnerds can process text from virtually any source:

  • Surveys
  • Call centre and chat transcripts
  • Complaints
  • Reviews
  • Social media
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 Make sure your reports are consistent by analysing all your text data together.

Build custom dashboards, report insights on your favourite BI tool, and get custom alerts straight to your inbox


Mockup - platform visualisation
Mockup - BI dashboards
Mockup - email alerts

Sainsbury's loves customers

See how they use Wordnerds

The CX team at Sainsbury's uses Wordnerds to analyse the millions of points of customer feedback they receive annually.

Understanding trends in how customers are behaving, implementing qualitative reinforcement to their quantitative reporting, adapting their analysis to cover any topic they (or their customers) can think of — these are the reasons they love Wordnerds.

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Speak to one of our account managers if you're curious to learn more — that's Helen over there, she's lovely. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.


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