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Wordnerds customer stories

Northumbrian Water Group

Understanding brand satisfaction

People don't tend to tweet when tap water is clear or when their toilet flushes.

So how do you effectively measure and understand how to increase brand satisfaction, when your brand is only thought about when things go wrong?

This was Northumbrian Water Groups' (NWG) original objective when they first started using Wordnerds.


Nortumbrian Water x Wordnerds

Transport for Wales

Keeping Wales safe

When passenger safety is at the core of your brand’s values, you'll always be asking if there is more that can be done to help passengers feel safe.

But discussions around safety are subjective and often personal. And how or where passengers complain varies. So how do get the clearest picture of how they actually feel about a topic so important to your brand?

This was Transport for Wales (TfW)’s main objective when they first started using Wordnerds.




Supporting change driven by service users

It was a project that was originally intended to help design a better process for customers using Child Maintenance Services - moving away from telephony to a more digitally supported system.

Then the global pandemic hit, impacting support staff levels and the lives of the parents and children involved in Child Maintenance Services.

See how DWP pivoted, using the insight from the Wordnerds platform to quickly prioritise service changes when it mattered most, for who it mattered most.



Globally and nationally recognised brands using Wordnerds

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