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Run a proof of concept
or get a subscription

And truly understand what your customers are saying,
regardless of how they choose to say it


£4,775 / project

Best for: Proof of Concept(s), single projects, sporadic needs, and building a business case

What's included:
pricing tick mark 10,000 sentences
pricing tick mark .CSV upload
Standalone SaaS
£1,675 / month

Best for: Early VoC programmes or regular analysis of manually uploaded data in the platform

What’s included:
pricing tick mark 10,000 sentences /month
pricing tick mark Unlimited seats
pricing tick mark 3 Support licences
pricing tick mark .CSV upload
£2,950 / month

Best for: Growing VoC to best-in-class enterprise programmes — multiple text channels via API

What’s included:
pricing tick mark 50.000 sentences /month
pricing tick mark Unlimited seats
pricing tick mark 10 Support licences
pricing tick mark .CSV upload
pricing tick mark BI tool integration
pricing tick mark Data input API

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices are flexible, and are designed to suit your needs. If your question isn't answered below, contact us.

WTF is Pay-as-you-Nerd?

Pay-as-you-Nerd is our 100% risk free proof-of-concept generator; a one-off report on your customer feedback data that aims to provide value and a ready-made business case to take to your organisation's big cheeses.

Where most people haven’t used text analytics software before, or have had a bad experience with AI-only software, they will likely need some convincing before signing up for a 12 month contract.

With Pay-as-you-Nerd, you can prove the value of a Wordnerds subscription through a fully managed process aimed at delivering you and your team maximum value from the data you provide. We'll even package it up in a private webinar at the end of the project to present findings.

Find out a little more about the process before signing up.

Can I get more seats or support licences?

Sure! We offer unlimited seats to customers on a recurring licence, and want you to get as much value and as many users on the platform as possible. 

One-off, Pay as you Nerd customers, or those running proof of concepts, tend to be less interested in self-serving until we drive results.

Nevertheless we're always happy to involve your team closely in what we're doing so that they can see for themselves how easy Wordnerds is to use and to truly try before you buy.

If you're a recurring licence and you’d like more training and support licenses, we can accommodate that: prices start from £120 per user/m.

Can I export data from my existing tools?

We’ve got a brilliant team just waiting to grapple, scrape, or tease your data from your existing in-house tools (social media, live chat, review platforms, CRM or survey platforms) into one place. Hooking up to our input API is free for Integrated customers, and £350/m for those on a Standalone licence.

Amplify your existing tech stack with text analysis that genuinely tells you what your customers are talking about.

Can I push data to my current BI dashboard?

Wordnerds can integrate with major BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Micro Strategies and Google Data Studio. For customers on the Standalone tier, output BI integration is £350/m. For Integrated customers, it is complimentary!

We offer a dedicated data-lake at customer level through Amazon Redshift so you automatically sync with the latest processed data on the Wordnerds platform and even pass tagged data back to your front line tools.

We know most of you need another platform to log into like you need a hole in your head and are dedicated to letting you manage insights in your own way.

Can I process more data?

No problem. We work with clients processing anything from a few thousand to millions of sentences per year. Speak to us for prices on increasing your data allowance.

We know working out how many sentences you own as an organisation is like guessing how many marbles are in the cookie jar…

If you’d like help understanding how much data you need, get in touch, and one of our Data Analysts will be more than happy to help.

What if I don't have time to self-serve?

Wordnerds offers Managed Service upgrades for teams without the capacity to train themes, analyse data, and build reports themselves.

Managed Service packages cover everything from theme training to regular reporting, and can accommodate anything from 25 themes and a monthly report to hundreds of bespoke themes, weekly reporting, and discounted PAYN deep-dives.

We can also turn it on and off for a set period of time to cover staff absences your end if that's helpful.

Come and talk to us about Software-AND-a-Service!

Wait, wait, wait... What are themes?

"Themes" is the term we use for automated data categorisation clusters that flexibly tag data points based on a linguistic model of our own devising.

You'll forgive us for just calling them "Themes".

But really, this is where the magic happens. Our customers use themes to capture all conversations happening on a certain subject, regardless of the language used. "The 10 past seven to Newcastle is running behind" and "The Flying Scotsman is a no show" would land in the same pot, without you having to spend an hour with a thesaurus putting together a keyword matrix.

Of course, sometimes the language is so specific that keywords work just fine. We won't begrudge you that.

If you're curious to learn more about how our automatic categorisation could work for your data, get in touch below!

Still have questions?