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How are your puns?

We champion the understanding of language. Our vision is to train computers to understand humans expressing themselves in human terms, in all our informal, colloquial and sarcastic glory. 

If you share our vision and ethos, then we would love to speak with you. 


Working at Wordnerds

We're an outward-looking growing brand, very proud to be part of a glowing North East Tech scene. 

Working from home has became our norm due to COVID-19. However, collectively call Proto: The Emerging Technology Centre our home, with floor-to-ceiling views of the beautiful city of Newcastle and the equally charming 'Heed'.  
Cook up a storm in the kitchen, or down some belta coffee. Fancy getting zen AF at lunchtime with some yoga? We do that. Couldn't think of anything worse? There's pool and fussball too.

We also offer:


25+ days holiday


Flexible working hours


Home and office working


Competitive salary


Free on-site parking


Social and training budgets


Equality, Diversity, Tolerance

We promote equality and the power of diverse perspectives. We are all packages of good and bad, strengths and weaknesses. We strive to improve ourselves and our colleagues, but with understanding and empathy. And try not to be a dick about it.



Did we mention our awards?


🏆#3 in BusinessCloud's prestigious 100 SmartTech Innovators, 2020
😎 20 for 20: the North East companies to watch out for in 2020
🏆 Dynamites 2019 Innovator of the Year
🤖 Tech Nation's first Applied AI 1.0 Growth Programme cohort
😎 #5 in BusinessCloud’s North East Tech 50 ranking for 2019
🏆 Thinking Digital's Start-Up Competition winner, 2019
🏆 Word Rail Festival Innovators of the Year, 2018

Wordnerds needs Freelancers

Release your inner analyst

We're looking for freelancers who can produce reports for us and our customers.

This might include exploring reactions to a new product or market, analysing a company's staff survey data, doing a deep dive into rail passengers' experience or any of a thousand other potential use cases. It turns out everyone has words.

Tell me more






Our ethos

We have an amazing team. And we look after each other. 

Dog lovers, hockey players, new parents, single parents, seasoned parents, thrash metal drummers, Star Wars fans, Cross Fitters, bakers, home cooks, really tall, short, geeky, introverts, extroverts Mackems, Geordies, Scots, eco-warriors, fountains of knowledge, learning sponges, Mexican food loving, double burger eating, part-time vegans - we've got them all. 

Oh, and there is an office dog called Bear, too. 



Wordnerds' Values

Our values reflect who we are, how we work and what we stand for as a company.


1. Learn. Constantly

Everything we do now, there will likely be a new way to do it in a year. We must stay ahead or we will fall behind, both as a company and as individuals. If you’re doing the same thing as you did eighteen months ago, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Start with a Problem

It doesn’t matter how clever or new or advanced something is: if it isn’t solving a problem for our customers, it isn’t a part of Wordnerds. Sometimes simple works.

3. Don’t be a (Language) Prick

We understand the power, beauty and importance of language, and we believe that your use of it is perfect.

4. Words are Fun...

As a prospect, a customer or a collaborator getting in touch with Wordnerds will be among the top three things to happen to you today.

5. ...Particularly for Our Team

We must be amongst the most exciting, most innovative and most desirable places to work. How else will we attract and keep the very best talent?

6. Words are also Serious

We understand the responsibility of working with data. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re deadly serious about that. 

7. No Tech Bullshit

Everything we say is backed up by evidence. This is a power we pass on to our customers. We deal with complex stuff, but we’ll always explain it simply.

8. Love Where we Live

We are, at heart, proud North Easterners. We love it as a place to live and do business; all of it: ‘Boro, Sunderland, the Heed, Newcastle, Northumberland. Yet we remain outward-looking, inclusive and never, ever, parochial. We embrace, and seek, expansion.