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Driving change with powerful qual insight



A fireside chat with Kat and Amelia from the Insights Team

A first hand account on how Sainsbury's use Wordnerds to handle massive quantities of qual data and how allows them to spot trends in what customers are saying - that they wouldn't know to look for.  Plus find out how they use it the qual insight along side quant metrics to inform change and champion the voice of (all) their customers. 

A huge thank you to Kat and Amelia for taking the time to chat with us. 

Do your Voice of Customer tools give your customers a voice?

After all, quant reporting only provides a narrative on what’s happening, not why.

When you're serving the widest demographic of customers in the UK, across multiple channels, thousands of products and categories, for customers with very different and personal needs - it calls for a platform designed to really understand what customers are saying.

Explore Wordnerds dedicated text analytics for Supermarkets.



Want to get more value from your existing CX and VOC
stack to inform change that matters to customers and the business?

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