Do you actually act on what your residents tell you?

Quant reporting only provides a narrative on what’s happening, not why.

Social housing is in the midst of change. In March 2022, the Government released draft clauses of legislation suggesting plans for reform that will have repercussions for non-compliant associations across the UK. The aim is to “rebalance the relationship between residents and landlords” - and vastly increase the regulator's ability to deal with providers that do not measure up.

Listening is simply not enough. You now need to seek out and improve tenant engagement. Traditionally that hasn’t been easy. Closed-question surveys give you a pulse on how people feel but lack depth. 

  • Manual analysis is both time-consuming and subject to bias. HAs don’t have the technology in place to deal with high volumes of qualitative feedback.

  • Data is often siloed across departments (Marketing, Complaints, Maintenance, Property Services) which compounds the difficulty of understanding the full picture, particularly for potentially vulnerable residents.

Do you lack the detail required to turn your tenant feedback into actionable change?

Having a platform designed to understand what residents are saying and unite your organisation’s text data will ensure tenant satisfaction by truly giving them a voice.

See what you're missing in your data with Wordnerds dedicated text analytics.

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Screen grabs of Wordnerds text analysis platform including CSV uploads, topic breakdown, reports and the reporting dashboard