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Pinpoint drivers of tenant satisfaction, make better CX decisions

When tenant feedback is not collated, analysed and prioritised effectively - tenant satisfaction suffers.

Wordnerds makes it easy for anyone to review, analyse and generate insights from your text feedback faster.


"Landlords should be asking themselves... Are they listening to what tenants are saying? And are boards scrutinising the range of data sources being used to gain assurance, so they and their organisation really understand what is happening?"


Chief of Regulatory Engagement, Regulator of Social Housing

HAs committed to understanding tenants love Wordnerds:

Learning, sharing, best practice...

Basically all the expertise we've hoarded, magpie-like, in the social housing sector.


Nerdcast #1: Housing Ombudsman

pin Podcast

In the first instalment of the shiny new Nerdcast, Wordnerds CEO and CSO Pete and Steve speak to Polly Cox and Victoria King from the Housing Ombudsman about the state of regulation in UK social housing, and what HAs can do to keep up.

Listen here


Maximising learnings from complaints

pin Virtual clock-flexible-hours Been and gone — watch the recording

Nerdcast live: A recent webinar of ours covered how to maximise learnings from complaints in a landscape where escalations are up 400%, and the nominal 15 day resolution time leaves the average HA 2-6 hours to deal with each complaint.

Get the recording


PAPA Framework

pin Blog

Originally pitched in webinar form, our PAPA framework guides housing providers through how they can treat their customer data to best adhere to TSMs — by improving the customer experience at the root of their problems.

More info

Best practice

Housemark says...

pin Blog

Lick your elbow and make sure your tenants are adequately supported during a period of rising costs and heightened regulation! Housemark has provided some valuable guidance on conducting surveys in the past, but how relevant is that advice in the current climate?

More info

We make it easy to answer questions like:




What are our tenants talking about?


Our platform and experts can analyse tenant feedback from various sources, turning unstructured text into clear themes that you can understand.

We even identify each theme's volume and sentiment, giving you a clear overview of your tenants' concerns.



What's the root cause of specific complaints?


Wordnerds lets you dive into any top-level theme and drill down into specific issues driving negative or positive sentiment. 



What fixes should I prioritise? 


By analysing all your feedback side by side, we calculate each issue's size and affect on sentiment. This gives you confidence that your work will drive the biggest improvements in tenant satisfaction.



Are our initiatives improving tenant satisfaction?


Tracking your issues month-over-month or quarter-over-quarter is crucial for understanding if your initiatives have been effective. We can help you build reports that show how issues grow or shrink over time.

Case Studies from Housing:

"Wordnerds has been a game-changer for our CX team... Repairs, estates, gas services, and TSMs all go through them."

Theo Scott
Head of Customer Experience, Town & Country Housing

“People across the organisation are getting a much better understanding of the customer voice.

Shuna China
Customer Engagement Manager, Raven

Wordnerds is now an integral part of any root cause analysis we conduct.

Howard Jones
Head of Customer Feedback, Sovereign

How it works:

01: Connect Voice of Customer data from any source

Wordnerds can process text from data you already own, such as:

  • Surveys
  • Call centre and chat transcripts
  • Complaints
  • Reviews
  • Social media
WN-Data sources graphic

02: Find the big trends and surprises in your data 

Our AI can automatically create clusters of all the topics mentioned across your data sets. We let you instantly get a feel for what tenants are talking about. For each topic you'll see:

  • Size (How many people are talking about it)
  • Sentiment (How positively or negatively people feel)
  • Uniqueness (Does this happen only in this neighbourhood/property type/demographic)


03: Rapid insight generation through pre-built themes and "Deep Dive"

We've worked with a raft of housing customers and have put all we've learned into a prebuilt housing theme bank. Allowing you to 

  • Surveys

04: Transparent accuracy of themes and insights

Deep Dive


05: Creating reports, DIY Vs Done-for-you

Deep Dive

Presh marque headshot

Ready to get started?

If you'd like to learn more about how we support Voice Of Customer teams in housing it's best you get in touch with Helen.

That's her over there!

She can answer any of your questions and walk you through:

  • Proof of concept reports
  • The platform and how it works
  • Our DIY or Done-for-you service options