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Auditing data in Housing

A journey of 1000 customers begins with a single... 

Doesn't quite fit. Knowing where your data's coming from is your essential first step.

What does that entail?

You need to know what data is coming in, and have access to it, but either don't have the resources to do it justice or just don't know where to start. The auditing of your data will be your responsibility, but to give you an idea of some questions to ask to get you on the right track:

  • Do you know what data is coming into the organisation?
  • Do you know who owns what? Is it centralised, is it siloed?
  • What do you currently do with that data? A little, or a lot?
  • Do you have any feedback analysis software?
  • Are you able to track trends over different time periods?

Ask yourself (and your team, if applicable) these questions — knowing where your data lives makes all the difference in using it to effect change.

How can Wordnerds help?

A lot of this process is up to you. We really deliver the goods when you've got your data in hand but have too much to sort through.

But what if you're starting from standing, you ask? Well, we will flatter ourselves to say that we've quite a bit of experience building best-in-class VoC programs, so here's our top tips distilled into (about) 3 minutes:

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See something interesting?

Come have a chat if you've seen something here you'd like to implement in your organisation. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.