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Building a business case for Wordnerds

Instead of...
Manual tagging
Nothing at all

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With Wordnerds you can:

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Reduce time to analyse data and deliver resident commentary

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Compile data from sources across your organisation for analysis

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Improve quality of insight for operational teams to deliver improvements

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Easily produce regular CSAT and complaints reports with resident commentary

Sounds great! What's next?

There's just one hurdle left - you'll have to prove it internally first.

If only there was a way to present them with an in-depth research piece on your data, to your specifications, to demonstrate the value feedback analysis software can bring with a money-back guarantee...



Know you can do more

The first step here is understanding that there is more you can do with your customer data. Tenant satisfaction means more than fulfilling regulatory obligations, and we're committed to providing you with all the tools you need to drive action for your residents.



Get an expert analysis

Our most popular route to procuring Wordnerds is a one-off reporting project we call "Pay as you Nerd". One of our analysts will work with a data set you select to provide valuable insights your team can use as a benchmark to understand resident satisfaction, along with key trends that are driving positive and negative sentiment.



Share it with your colleagues

We will present our findings to you, and run a private webinar for your colleagues to share key takeaways and actions. We are certain you will derive huge value from this; all our reports come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Has anyone done this before? 

Social Housing is the most collaborative industry we've ever worked in. The level of trust and communication between HAs is something we think many other industries could learn from. In the same vein, we know that it can go a long way to overcome scepticism within teams to see that other HAs have had success with projects like this in the past.

Take a look at:

We have worked with more than a dozen Housing Associations in the UK and are continually impressed by the sector's commitment to tenant wellbeing. Get in touch; we would love to help you implement a data strategy for the benefit of your tenants.