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If you've got a (data) problem, yo we'll solve it...

Whether you're a one-man band braving the data storm or part of a fully resourced customer team, we have helped insights people at HAs just like you.


Housing data storm hero

HAs committed to understanding tenants love Wordnerds:

Don't let your data* problems keep you up at night...

I'm drowning in data*, with no time to analyse it

So much data, so many different sources; no wonder teams are overwhelmed. Between 80 and 90% of all data exists as unstructured text. The analysis takes time, and many factors affect it (lack of resources, budget constraints, hunger - we could go on…) - and that’s if you have time to do anything with it in the first place!

We’ll do the heavy lifting.  Let us decipher what it all really means by looking at the language being used. We can collate that data into one version of the truth and give you the raw data back (via a data lake or BI solution of your choice), or give you a shiny curated report to send up the chain and use to make business-critical decisions, quickly.

I can't demonstrate the impact my recommendations are having

Ultimately, gathering insights is a means to an end. The quality of your analysis matters little if you can't use it to make a positive impact on your tenants.

We've helped housing associations with everything from shaping a data culture to developing tactics to get your colleagues on board with change. We will share all the best practice we have collected from working with over a dozen other HAs with the same set of problems, each with innovative solutions of their own.

I'm struggling to understand the drivers of dissatisfaction in my data*

You may have a grasp of what the data is telling you. Some survey providers offer after-market analytics - maybe a word cloud showing you the most used words.  But you need the why, not the what; information that can be used to make changes for the better.

Wordnerds’ cloud-based platform shows you the drivers of dissatisfaction as well as how things have changed over any period of time. No need to hire (or be) a data scientist to set any of this up.

Ugh TSMs - how can we use all this data* we're collecting?

The TSMs are a whole lot more than just surveying your tenants.  You have to prove you are actively listening, and using that information to make changes. But you know that…

While every organisation will tackle it in their own way, HAs must ultimately measure and categorise their data according to regulation.  We’ve created a plug-and-play bank of recurring reporting categories (including those laid out by the TSMs) to ease the pain of getting started.  HAs can also use these to benchmark themselves against colleagues in the sector.

As if that weren't enough, we can dig up any "unknown unknowns" that fly under the radar individually but can add up to a huge problem when seen all together.

I'm worried about complaint escalations

The amount of complaints which land at the feet of the Ombudsman is skyrocketing (by 400% and counting). No one wants a fine or a day in court - or worse, to have tenants in danger due to missed opportunities.

A lot of these escalations are/were avoidable. We’ve looked at a tonne of historical complaints data supplied by the Ombudsman, and have identified patterns in the language used.  We can now set up alerts for our customers if the data suggests a situation arising.  We can also share best practices from companies that are nailing this. Nip those complaints in the bud, and close all your feedback loops by resolving the greater problems behind the complaints.

*data = complaints, surveys, live chats, emails, owned social media, CRM (if you have one!), contact centres…basically, any large set.

Want to learn more?

Having worked with Housing Associations for years seeking to improve the tenant experience, we are in the fortunate position to share some of the most effective strategies implemented by industry leaders to perfect their CX.
We've taken this learning, teased out the best practice and condensed it into a free, step-by-step online Academy that any provider can benefit from.
If you aren't sure where to start, or if you are looking to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry, check out the Wordnerds Housing Academy.