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Insights and reporting
in Housing

Reporting your findings to the board, the SLT, the big cheeses needn't be daunting. Opportunity, it turns out, knocks all the time.

What's your reporting process like?

Even if you've got your analysis down pat, all that information has to go somewhere. We're with Berkeley on this one; if an insight falls in the forest and no one's there to action it...

Anyway. Some things to think about when it comes to reporting:

  • Do you report newly emerging topics to relevant colleagues?
  • Are your reports easily accessible at a glance, without having to understand the depths of the data?
  • Do you create your own reporting dashboard, or would you rather have it ready-made?
  • Is both qualitative and quantitative data used in your reporting?
  • Are the most critical issues being automatically flagged to those who need to know?

Ask yourself (and your team, if applicable) these questions; they may help get your analysis to the right people at the right time.

How can Wordnerds help?

Reports are subjective and one size definitely doesn't fit all. Some folks we've worked with prefer "raw" data pushed out to a data lake to make their own visuals. Others wanted a pre-packaged report that ticks all the boxes for them. Either way, we got you.

It's not just the big reports we help with. Our housing customers set up their own custom alerts, sending notifications straight to their inboxes when customers raise topics like damp and mould or Ombudsman escalations.

If you're not working with us just yet, though, we do have plenty of resources on how you can improve your reporting processes starting today — including independent research on the Ombudsman's priorities re: maladministration. Take a look below:

Ombudsman Priorities cheat sheet
Ombudsman cheat sheet

Using the Housing Ombudsman's public maladministration records, we've compiled a cheat sheet of their apparent priorities.

> View findings

Sovereign case study portrait-04
Sovereign Housing's story

Howard Jones of Sovereign Housing fame has gone on a journey from manual coding to data control (and promotion!)

> Learn how

Nerdcast #1 portrait
Housing Ombudsman:
Quantifying the impact of small issues

In their discussion with the Housing Ombudsman, founders Pete and Steve covered this tricky topic.

> Watch now

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See something interesting?

Come have a chat if you've seen something here you'd like to implement in your organisation. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.