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Social Housing

How Town & Country accelerated time to insight and restored undelivered contractor services


  • Town & Country Housing, formerly Rosebery, is a social housing association in the south east of England
  • They faced challenges in managing large amounts of customer data from various sources. While their CX manager Theo Scott knew there was value to be derived from it, the manual process of picking through it all was slowing them down.
  • After a proof of concept report using text analysis software showed them trends they hadn’t seen before, a wider implementation allowed them to scale up data collection, massively accelerate the process of analysis, and make data-backed decisions to improve tenant satisfaction.
  • This included a major win when a large quantity of undelivered contractor services were identified and reinstated.

The challenge: wield overwhelming volumes of feedback to improve tenant experience

Town & Country was aware of the value of customer feedback, but the trend of multiple teams collecting and manually analysing their own data sets had led to disjointed silos and inconsistent decision-making.

So, despite gathering substantial feedback, they were unable to make the impact they wanted using tenant data.

As if the fragmented data problem wasn’t enough, they were also having to analyse individual comments manually.

Needless to say, this was a laborious process that was taking far longer than they had time for; if they were going to truly make use of customer feedback, they needed a better way.

The solution: automate and scale

Before undertaking the change management necessary to introduce a major new software into their customer feedback processes, Theo decided to commission a report to analyse a year’s worth of data from several internal sources.

In a process that had taken their team months of work as surveys came in, we were able to analyse and make recommendations on the data set within days.

Upon delivery of the report and its accompanying private webinar, colleagues within different departments heard of trends in their data they had not been able to pick up while performing manual analysis.

With that validation, in addition to the opportunity of massively accelerated time to insight, they rolled out Wordnerds to the wider organisation.

Where that's brought them: driving change for tenants

Following the implementation of Wordnerds, Town & Country revamped their survey methods to capture more open-text responses, providing a more complete perspective of tenant satisfaction.

They integrated data from several new sources into their analysis including CRM systems, social media platforms, and transactional surveys without having to worry about overloading the team with data.

Further, dashboards created by the insights team are now available to all service managers across the business. This has allowed managers to self-serve where they were previously only able to put in periodic report requests of the limited insights function.

The results: huge boosts to data collection and big savings on contractor outlay

The adoption of text analysis software has resulted in tangible returns. Alongside the dramatically improved time to produce insights from customer data, Town & Country were able to reinstate undelivered contractor services after identifying a recurring trend in certain postcode areas.

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