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Make an impact with customer feedback

Unsupervised topic analysis delivers the insight you didn't know to listen for

Train-your-own classification themes lets you dig down to find the cause of the issue 


Our four pillars of impact

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Speed: Instant insight

If someone asks you what your data tells them about a subject, and you don't have a classification model trained for it, what do you do? Some tools take weeks to add new themes to their platform. With Wordnerds you can do it yourself in 30 minutes. Our CSO can do it in 10, but he's a really massive nerd.

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Flexibility: Your needs will change all the time

While there are some top level reports you'll always care about, the world changes fast. And as an insights professional, you need to know how and why. Wordnerds breaks the chains between insights teams and data scientists, through our simple graphical interface you can listen for literally anything.

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Accuracy: Because humans and language are mad

Spoiler: no one will ever invent a 100% accurate text analytics tool. Language changes depending on context and AI trained on vast data sets can't appreciate the nuance of how your customers speak. Wordnerds isn't perfect, but when there's a howler, our linguistics lens lets us make tweaks that the AI black box just can't. The result is insights you can trust.

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Depth: Action-level insight

To make something actionable it has to be specific. When there's a problem, you should ask "why?" five times until the true nature of the problem becomes clear. Other feedback analysis platforms can highlight top-level issues — delivery, call-centre, accessibility issues — but knowing you have 5000 delivery issues doesn't help. Only Wordnerds tells you why.


See it in action

Our linguistics-first approach to AI helps you find:

  • Surprises — things in your dataset that you didn't know to listen for will be automatically served up
  • The root cause of issues — so that you can go and solve them
  • Anything you want — with Wordnerds, you can train your own classification models in 30 minutes

In the real world...

Housing associations need to understand their customers' language

With a 400% increase in official complaints and sweeping new regulation in the form of Tenant Satisfaction Measures, the social housing sector is in urgent need of a better way to understand its tenants. Sovereign Housing uses Wordnerds to:

  • Automate topic analysis and save 2 hours of manual tagging every day
  • Output data to their BI tool to ease internal reporting processes
  • Track customer sentiment as a key metric across a range of themes to benchmark service improvement

But the greatest benefit they derived is from Wordnerds' unique linguistics-first approach to text analysis. We'll let Sovereign take up the tale:

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Got any questions?

Speak to one of our account managers if you're curious to learn more — that's Helen over there, she's lovely. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.