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Flexible text analytics for time poor insight teams

Get more from your front line voice of customer tools without the extra time and effort to genuinely understand what customers are telling you, with insights you can *actually* trust.


Are you "listening" to your customers, but your customer satisfaction, loyalty or churn metrics aren't improving? And you don’t know why?

We know why. It's because your text analytics isn't pulling its weight. Let's face it...


Word clouds suck 

Keyword taxonomies don’t work (and managing them is a pain in the arse)

Abstract sentiment scores are arbitrary and tell you bot all


So how do you get the depth of insight you need?

And how do you get stakeholders to care when they are traditionally more quan/metrics minded folk?

Because informing change is chuffing hard. Customers disagree, and the data is super nuanced.

Language is complex and sarcastic. That's the beauty of language, And that's why you can't treat language like numbers. 


You need a dedicated and flexible text analytics solution, that not only compliments but adds rocket fuel to your time to, and quality of insight.

Where all of your company's data is summarised in a central dashboard.

Wordnerds is a SaaS platform that genuinely (loves and) understands language, delivering metrics-led insight from unstructured text... in all its misspelt, sarcastic glory.

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With Wordnerds flexible text analysis solution:


Surface unknown unknowns


Train your own smart classifications/context
theme in 15 mins

Market Research with Wordnerds

Change what you're looking for whenever you want


Democratise your data


Prioritise issues by volume, sentiment, unique, interesting, changing etc.

Discover the stories behind the data with Wordnerds

Unlimited seats and unlimited data channels across departments


Brands using Wordnerds in their best in class Voice of Customer Programmes

Analysing thousands of data points, from super-short SMS responses to longer free-text survey fields and emails.




Where do you *really* sit in the curve of the Qualitative Data Journey?

Watch this short 10 min video with Wordnerds CEO Pete Daykin to find out how your current text analysis sits you on the curve. 


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