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Be a force to be reckoned with

Get a deeper understanding of how your brand is performing in-line with your strategic objectives.


Be a force to be reckoned with Wordnerds text analysis and insight platform

Text analysis and insight platform

Our combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and old-school linguistics allows computers to read - and genuinely understand - what people actually mean, not just count the words they use. Enabling brands to use social, customer and employee data and established media to deliver real-time, actionable insight to chart progress against strategic objectives and then improve it.

Multiple Inputs Text analysis software


Multiple inputs

Wordnerds helps the world’s biggest brands get an accurate and deeper understanding from the millions of tweets, emails, webchats, reviews, CRM-entries, forum posts and survey results written by their customers and employees.

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Smart filtering

A game-changing solution to a central problem: -people can say the same thing, but express it completely differently.

Our state-of-the-art AI groups text not by the words it uses, but by what it means.

By cutting through irrelevant noise of text data, it allows you to quickly search for anything important to you without having to guess the words people use.

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Wordnerds automated topic analysis
Wordnerds topic and trending insights

Topic and sentiment analysis

Understand all the things you're known for, good and bad, how it’s changing - and how it compares to competitors.

Spot threats, opportunities to delight or identify areas to improve.

Report on what matters to you. Find that really specific thing that’s been niggling at you. And back up your niggles with evidence from the data.

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Whether you are looking to get a brief, regular update on what’s happening in your world, or doing a mammoth deep dive into your data, Trending is where you can interrogate your data for its actionable value.

From the basic (how many people are talking about an issue, and how do they feel?), to the advanced (is this issue statistically important, and does it affect you or your competitors more?),

Trending gives you paths into the most confusing of datasets.

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Wordnerds Trending features gives you paths into the most confusing datasets
Wordnerds report dashboard - create what you need, when you need it.



Reports and alerts

How does the way people talk about a product or service change over time?

Does your public perception align with how you think you're doing?

How does your performance benchmark against your competitors? 

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Make an impact

You tell everyone what you care about. Corporate strategies and goals are laid bare for everyone to see. 

While you're doing great things to deliver on those objectives, do you know how public perception compares to what you say you're doing? 

Get an accurate and deeper understanding of what your customers and employees are really saying?

  • Measure brand health to shoulder threats better and quicker

  • See how you're performing in key areas compared to competitors

  • Get aligned to what your customers and employees are asking you to do to build better experiences 


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Global and nationally recognised brands use our linguistics engine to:

Uncover trends | Wordnerds

Uncover trends

Identify and track trending topics, emerging trends or key influencers.

Find the pain points | Wordnerds

Find the pain points

Find the biggest issues in the minds of your customers and make your customers feel listened to

Build a case for action | Wordnerds

Build a case for action

Customer-led, data backed decision making

CX during COVID-19: How did the UK's top Energy energy suppliers perform?

Using our game-changing text analysis software, we've analysed over 70K tweets said to or about the most talked about UK energy companies

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Customers using Twitter to reach brands - find problems quicker

If you’re not acting on what your customers
say about you, speak to Wordnerds.