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Fight of the century

Wordnerds vs Competitors

In the red corner, a whole bunch of survey providers with afterthought analytics and a smattering of companies that “use AI”. In the yellow corner, a company that likes to portray itself as the scrappy underdog but can’t keep up the lowly facade when people actually see the software.

So what actually sets us apart? 

  Wordnerds Competitor McCompetitorface
Linguistics-based approach to AI that banishes its shortcomings
Adaptable classification models that don't take a data scientist to alter
Money back guarantee proof-of-concept report option
The loveliest CS team in the world


And why does that matter?

Linguistics-based approach

Spoiler: no one will ever invent a 100% accurate text analytics tool. Language changes depending on context and AI trained on vast data sets can't appreciate the nuance of how your customers speak. Wordnerds isn't perfect, but when there's a howler, our linguistics lens lets us make tweaks that the AI black box just can't. The result is insights you can trust.

Adaptable classification models

If someone asks you what your data tells them about a subject, and you don't have a classification model trained for it, what do you do? Some tools take weeks to add new themes to their platform. With Wordnerds you can do it yourself in 30 minutes. Our CSO can do it in 10, but he's a really massive nerd.

Proof-of-concept reports

Getting buy-in from the people who keep the money is a tough one. If only there was a way to present them with an in-depth research piece on your data, to your specifications, to demonstrate the value feedback analysis software can bring and with a guarantee that if it’s not up to scratch, you’d get your money back. Wait! As wild random chance would have it, we do that! We’ll even throw in a private webinar to present the findings to you and your colleagues.

Loveliest CS team in the world

We don't mean to brag. But you'll get it once you've met them.


Look, we get it. Wordclouds are pretty. They add a dash of colour to your reporting. They give you something visual to show off. If those are your criteria, may we recommend this photo of Wordnerds office dog Pip:



Presh marque headshot

Piqued your interest?

Come have a chat if you've seen something here you think you could use. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.