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video Virtual video September 21st, 2023 — 14:00-15:00    Free

Webinar: Joining the Dots - Implementing Data Standards in Housing Associations 


Without a data standardisation strategy, you are far more likely to mislabel customers, fail to catch issues, and be the focus of a maladministration case.

Join us and hear from the experts:

Michael McLaughlinHead of Social Value at HACT.  HACT wrote the book (framework) when it comes to data standards.

Richard Sample, Data Analytics Lead at Home Group.  Richard is on the front line, just like you, and has been developing reporting frameworks for over 20 years.

If you have ever faced...

  • A lack of consistency in structure across your data, making it hard to report, benchmark, and return to the regulator. 
  • Lots of different systems, which make it hard to know who’s doing what and who’s responsible for what.
  • Customers falling into the gaps between the different data silos, meaning worse outcomes for them and their quality of life.

...Complete the form opposite, and join us at 14:00 on the 21st September.