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Ungated insights just for you

Housing in 2023 webinar splash

Housing in 2023

Reporting on tenant feedback the way the Ombudsman wants

With all the usual issues winter exposes amplified tenfold in the face of media and government focus, housing associations need to ensure that their strategy for listening to tenants is entirely ombudsman-proof.


Best in class VOC

3 Steps to best in class VoC

Why watch?

Whether you're just starting out or ramping up your Voice of Customer Programme, to save you from reinventing the wheel, we've packaged up the best practices in this 30 minute three-step framework webinar.


The Qualitative Data Journey

The Qualitative Data Journey

Why watch?

Where do you *really* sit in the curve of the Qualitative Data Journey? Watch this short 10 min video with Wordnerds CEO Pete Daykin to find out how your text analysis sits you on the curve. 


Sustainability webinar cover

Supermarket Sustainability Data Deep Dive

From our customer perception report

Join the author of our Supermarket Sustainability Report as they cover insights drawn from the data revealing how customers are really feeling about the UK's major supermarkets - and what they can do to improve.


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The secret sauce for turning your qual data into quan insights

A new way of understanding the retail market

If B2C Corporate Strategy is your bag, and you're responsible for planning, tracking or delivering strategic objectives for a large organisation, this session is essential viewing for you.



Wordnerds UK Accessibility in Rail Report launch Webinar recordin

UK Rail Accessibility

The value of lived experiences in passenger data

Joined by TPE, LNER plus disability campaigner Tony Jennings, we explore the value of the lived experiences in passenger data, and how TOCs can use this to understand not just what is happening, but why.


Wordnerds UK Rail Performance Report Webinar Recording

UK Rail Performance

Welcome to a whole new level of insight

Insight into the most popular things to do when there is a delay, how some TOCs turn a negative situation into a positive outcome, and how the top TOCs compare to the market as a whole.




Get more value from your VOC programme for better strategic decision making

Book an informal chat with one of our insight analysts. Nothing heavy and certainly nothing salesy.