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Improve customer happiness and reduce complaints in retail

Understand drivers behind customer feedback
and fix the problems they share with you

With Wordnerds, you can:

  • Tie your customer feedback to business outcomes
  • Reduce the impact of complaints
  • Increase customer loyalty

Customer-focussed and data-led brands love Wordnerds:


Make sure you're catching every issue with automated topic clusters

Ensure every issue your customers raise is shared with your team, and understand the scale of the problem without worrying about missing crucial data


Understand what's driving your NPS with context themes

Once you know what you're looking for, create your own AI classification in less than an hour to pick out every instance of it in your data, regardless of language used


Reduce volumes through your contact centre by resolving the root cause of issues

By resolving not only the customer's problem, but the wider structural or procedural issue that cause it, Wordnerds can help you sustainably reduce the cost of complaints volumes


Find the flaws in your customer journey and deliver an effortless experience

Understanding where your customers most frequently encounter issues will allow you to focus your efforts and resources where they'll have the most impact on customer experience

See how Sainsbury's find and fix issues fast with Wordnerds:


Need a better solution for your customer feedback?

Speak to one of our team if you're curious to learn more — that's our CEO Pete over there, he loves a chat. We'll help you figure out if we're the tool for you.