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Drive customer satisfaction all journey long

Worried about missing something crucial in the data?
Understand every topic and reduce time spent on analysis so you can get straight to driving change.

Above, Helen from Avanti covers how Wordnerds brings value to both their analysis and reporting on customer feedback.

Covid, the eternal will-they-won't-they of GBR, and ongoing strike action have all contributed to a turbulent transport world. Amidst the storm, customer feedback is the one safe port of call.

So how can you ensure that feedback is working to the advantage of you and your passengers?

With Wordnerds, you can:

  • Save heaps of time on passenger feedback analysis
  • Understand the drivers behind dissatisfaction
  • Maximise customer accessibility and loyalty

Transport organisations who want happy passengers love Wordnerds:

Learning, sharing, best practice...

Basically all the expertise we've hoarded, magpie-like, in the social housing sector.


Nerdcast #1: Housing Ombudsman

pin Podcast

In the first instalment of the shiny new Nerdcast, Wordnerds CEO and CSO Pete and Steve speak to Polly Cox and Victoria King from the Housing Ombudsman about the state of regulation in UK social housing, and what HAs can do to keep up.

Listen here


Maximising learnings from complaints

pin Virtual clock-flexible-hours Been and gone — watch the recording

Nerdcast live: A recent webinar of ours covered how to maximise learnings from complaints in a landscape where escalations are up 400%, and the nominal 15 day resolution time leaves the average HA 2-6 hours to deal with each complaint.

Get the recording


PAPA Framework

pin Blog

Originally pitched in webinar form, our PAPA framework guides housing providers through how they can treat their customer data to best adhere to TSMs — by improving the customer experience at the root of their problems.

More info

Best practice

Housemark says...

pin Blog

Lick your elbow and make sure your tenants are adequately supported during a period of rising costs and heightened regulation! Housemark has provided some valuable guidance on conducting surveys in the past, but how relevant is that advice in the current climate?

More info

Keeping passengers safe using a quant/qual data cocktail

TfW is an enterprising and dynamic train operating company that put passenger experience, happiness and safety at the forefront of everything they do. With hoards of social media, survey data and customer complaints on their hands, TfW needed an accurate and efficient way to analyse it. [Enter left: Wordnerds]

TfW trained and fine-tuned their own artificial intelligence in the platform, allowing them to find and surface common themes within all of their data. Using the insights they gleaned, reports were brought to board members and onboard teams to help make a case for change.

Read more about it here

TFW customer story
Transport for Wales

Got any questions?

Speak to one of our team if you're curious to learn more — that's Pete over there. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.


Need a proof of concept?

Our Pay-as-you-Nerd reports are the best way to prove the value of implementing a tool like ours. Take a look at what you could get out of a one-off report.


Need a proof of concept?

Our Pay-as-you-Nerd reports are the best way to prove the value of implementing a tool like ours. Take a look at what you could get out of a one-off report.