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Increase NPS and CSAT scores...

By spending more time driving impact and less surfacing insight

Wordnerds uses AI to analyse millions of NPS and CSAT surveys. We also help you:

  • Understand sentiment behind themes
  • Prioritise topics by volume and severity
  • Find the root cause of NPS/CSAT issues
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Customer-focussed and data-led brands love Wordnerds:

Bored of analysing thousands of surveys?

Wordnerds can classify, tag, understand sentiment and deliver insight from your surveys lightning fast. It's like having your own personal armada of analysts.


Need reassurance your insights are accurate?

Each topic/theme has a health score. Topics can be trained in 15 minutes to improve scores. Leaving you confident that the topics/themes that are affecting your scores are accurate.

Go layers deep to understand the root cause of drivers...

We know the golden nuggets are layers deep. You can drill down to understand what's driving sentiment. You can even see the verbatim so it really hits home.


Reduce costs by automating your NPS/CSAT insight to impact process


Direct integration with your data

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Uncover and track emerging and known issues


Spend time driving impact

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Got any questions?

Speak to one of our account managers if you're curious to learn more — that's Helen over there, she's lovely. We'll help you figure out whether we're the tool for you.