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Sovereign Housing

How Sovereign Housing Uses Wordnerds to Elevate Quality of Life for 130,000 Residents

When the stakes are as high as they are in housing, it was essential that every bit of Sovereign's huge volumes of feedback received was heard.


Data reigns supreme

Keeping on top of customer feedback at that scale becomes a mite challenging when the volumes involved are overwhelming. So how can you increase tenant satisfaction while simultaneously making service improvements that reduce the problems tenants face day-to-day?

This was Sovereign's objective when they first started using Wordnerds. Howard Jones is Head of Customer Feedback and Insight at Sovereign; hear it in his words:

Swift adoption, broad application

Sovereign Housing provides homes for more than 130,000 residents across the south and south west of England. They make it their mission to ensure they are creating great places to live.

Of course, accomplishing that goal requires interrogating huge amounts of tenant feedback across all sorts of channels. To help them tackle difficult areas such as resident trust and root cause analysis, Wordnerds has been placed in the breach to listen to tenants across everything from STAR surveys to live chat conversations.

Within a month of using Wordnerds, Sovereign had introduced changes to their Repairs service off the back of insights surfaced - and they have only been driving change since then.

To start with, Sovereign linked up their existing STAR surveys to our platform to analyse key trends and surface unknown unknowns.

As team expertise and understanding of the platform grew, more and more departments were found to benefit from automation and large-scale, in-depth text data analysis.

Ad hoc projects such as their Communities and Neighbourhoods research, complaints surveys, and other tenant voice pieces were rolled into their use of the platform. Live chat conversations were later included as well.

Project outcomes

While the initial goal was to generally improve tenant satisfaction and consequently reduce contacts to their complaints team, Sovereign has since integrated Wordnerds across the board with many aspects of the business.

Since our power user was promoted from CX manager to the Head of Customer Feedback, Insights and Complaints, they have been able to ensure our team and software are in the best position to deliver the outputs Sovereign needs.

  • Wordnerds automated topics and contextual analysis of live chat conversations save 2 hours of manual tagging every day!
  • Analysis conducted by the platform is output to their BI tool to allow for ease of internal reporting.
  • Customer sentiment is now tracked as a key metric across a range of themes to consistently benchmark service improvement in different areas of the business.

Got any questions?

Speak to one of our team if you're curious to learn more — that's our CEO Pete over there. We promise no salesy stuff until you know we're the tool for you.