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Tiny Steve

Stargazer and Haystack are both Software as a Service (SAAS) products. Stargazer helps retail companies aggregate, manage and understand online reviews, Haystack lets companies find leads, problems and specific types of data on social media.

But what if the problem you have doesn’t fit into either of these software products?

Chances are our Rent-a-nerd consultancy service can help.

rent-a-nerd overview

All manner of companies come to us with a range of text-understanding problems. Here’s an example of some of the things we can use our linguistics engine to find out (with a little tweaking from our linguists and software engineers):

Measuring brand

Got a well-known brand but no idea what you’re well-known for? We can tell you.

Explaining trends

An education provider had a problem with numbers dwindling on a particular course. We told them why.

Improving Customer Service

Are your customer service staff (or chatbots!) making people happier or more annoyed? We’ll find out what works and what irks.

Quantifying emotion

We all know people like to complain and Twitter is the Mecca for moaners, but what’s riling your customers most? We can show you.

Interpreting surveys

Got a load of free text field data and no idea what to do with it? We'll give you a bias-free statistical analysis.

Total Flexibility

Whatever your problem, if you’ve got unstructured text data that contains the answer, we can draw it out. The hairier and more complex it is, the more we’ll enjoy getting involved.

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